“Dancers can be good or bad, but everyone absolutely can dance!”


Our purpose is to help people to find the best places to dance worldwide

9 facts which you should know about where2.dance:

  1. 1. The idea of the project arose in August, 2015 after the founder of where2.dance couldn't find a dancing school for himself in Rio - in one of the most dancing cities of the world.
  2. Potential coverage of the project is more than:
  • 120 countries of the world
  • 100 thousand dancing schools
  • 500 international dancing festivals
  • 70 million dance fans .
  1. 2. where2.dance is an independent portal created for convenient search of dancing events and schools worldwide.
  2. 3.It isn't attached to separate dance styles or schools, also it doesn't support these or those event managers.
  3. 4. Monetization of where2.dance works by means of advertizing (paid ranging of schools in the catalogs' top - lists).
  4. 5. Any school owner and the event manager can add information about the business to the where2.dance catalogs free of charge on the terms of basic placement. Then he can edit it independently.
  5. 6. Each user, who is registered through any social network, can leave a comment about a school or event, and also add some special information.
  6. 7. Schools owners and event managers cannot edit or delete comments about them.
  7. 8. Trainers' pages, announcements, photo reports of events, on-line purchasing of subscriptions to schools and festivals passes and many other opportunities are going to provided in the future releases.
  8. 9. where2.dance prepares digests of the best dancing places weekly.
  9. where2.dance is easy to use and easy to reach, always with you on your tablet, laptop or phone. Dance anywhere!
  10. With endless love to dances,
  11. Where2.dance Team