FAQ page

Where2.dance is an independent project. It was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs - fans of dance and it is not affiliated with any dance school.

The project has just launched and there could be inaccuracies, we will correct it. Please send the missing information to the address info@where2.dance

Yes, there are such plans. If you want to help in the preparation of the catalog of the city or become a representative - contact us at info@where2.dance

  1. Yes, it's desirable to specify all kinds of dances, that will take place on your event, to guide the user in the right dance category

  1. No, because the link to the event contains the essence of the event, but the link to the venue contains information exactly about the venue. The link to the location and to the organizer can be the same

The e-mail of organizer you can mark in the event description

For this select " Repeatable event ", choose the day (or days) of the week, mark the start time and the end time. Also enter the date by which the event is relevant

Language in the admin area can be changed by clicking on one of the three flags: Russian, English or Polish.

Language on the site can be changed in the upper right corner from the RU to ENG and vice versa, for example.

If you wich to publish your event on the website, you need to choose "published". If the event needs revisions, and you want to return to it later, or completely hide - choose "Draft"

In the description of the event you can place the announcement of the upcoming event: it’s program, information about the teachers, organizers, links to hotels for booking, etc.

Link to the Twitter account can be placed in the event description. In future, we will add the ability to put link in the "Owner Contacts"

It’s not nessesary to fill up the fields "Landmarks" and "Registration terms"

Unfortunatelly its possible to choose just one type of event now. In future we will extend this option and you can select more than one

You can choose just one type of event, which is available in drop-down list

The field "event Facebook page" is designed for automatical loading of the event data from Facebook into the admin panel

You can add more pictures. After you have saved a new event, you click on it to edit. Then in the "Gallery" click the button "Add" and download additional photos. Unfortunately they will not appear on the site, but soon we will add this option

You can select the date and time of the event’s starting/ending in the calendar

Unfortunately, this option is not implemented yet, you can place the event for each date separately

If the entered address is not loaded from the Google database or it is not shown on the map, send us, please, the ID number of your event via the feedback form, we will solve this issue with programmers

Make sure that the entered address is loaded from Google database, and if the location is still incorrect, send us, please, the ID number of your event via the feedback form, we will solve this issue with programmers

  1. It is not necessary to mark the event date in the title, because we have correct field for it

You can place links on youtube account in the field "Owner Contact"

You can place the information about tickets and passes in the field "Registration terms"

You need to apply for support@where2.dance address for receipt of all complete information

The project is fully launched and actively promoted in the European market

Please, contact the customer support service via support@where2.dance

Please, contact the customer support service via support@where2.dance

Please, let us know about it via investors@where2.dance